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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Uberti 1875 Remington Revolver

The 1875 Remington is a very distinctive pistol, but not very common. In fact, before I bought this pistol, I knew nothing about them. This echoes the pistol’s record in real life; it was vastly overshadowed by the 1873 Colt “Peacemaker.” But, as in my case, those that owned them loved them. Frank James, Jesse’s brother, swore by them, if the opinion of an outlaw holds any weight.
This replica is made by the Italian firm of Uberti, long known for their Old West replicas, and is marketed under the name 1875 “Outlaw.” I bought this pistol used, but whoever had owned it before had obviously not shot it much. This was good for me, since I got a pistol in good shape for considerably less than the going price of this model new.
 The review:
  • Name: 1875 Remington “Outlaw”
  • Manufacturer: Uberti
  • Type: Single-action revolver
  • Caliber: .45 Long Colt
  • Barrel Length: 7.5 inches
  • Capacity: 6
  • Stock: Walnut
  • Finish:  
    • Frame: Case hardened
    • Barrel: Blued
    • Trigger Guard/Grip Assembly: Brass

Quality of Materials
Very good quality. The metal is good, even though I bought the pistol used, with no holster wear or any noticeable wear on the bore from excessive firing. The wood used for the grip is beautifully varnished, and feels good in the hand. The barrel is robust, and supported by the 1875’s distinctive “web” or “sail” that extends from the base of the frame to near the muzzle.

Here I am shooting it last summer in the backyard of my Old Kentucky Home. I love living in the country where you can shoot from your own back porch.
This pistol performs well, and is very accurate for a fixed sight replica. I can hit standard size targets (around 12” x 12”) with decent groups (~5”) at 30 yards or so with it, and it shoots even better groups at closer ranges. It does, however, hit about four inches high and to the left of point of aim; this is easily fixed by using the compensating technique named for my beloved home state. Probably not recommended by serious CAS shooters, but it’ll have to do for me for now. I’ve shot two type of .45 Colt ammo through it, and it performs about the same with both (my most recent box were Winchesters, but I don’t recall who made my earlier box). Be warned though: she kicks! The recoil takes a little while to get used to, but once you are it isn’t that bad; compared to a .357 Magnum, it’s not bad at all.
Overall Impression
A very good pistol. High quality materials and workmanship have produced a reliable and accurate revolver. I will say that the rear sight is small, and can be difficult to get on target quickly, but this doesn’t bother me too much. I plan on getting a matching gun new to be this one’s partner. Overall impression: an excellent revolver.


  1. just bought a 1875 rem. 45lc. any idea where i can find manual/disassembly info (complete disassembly), old factory manual (photocopied), etc. have looked everywhere, even library of congress with no luck. thanks, steve. (steveloomis316@gmail.com)

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